The step up

A senior executive with a tremendous technical and commercial track record is taking over a department, putting them into a role they have not had experience with so far. From relying on technical expertise they now have to transition to managing people, stakeholders, conflicting objectives, resource constraints, office politics and budgets. I can work with them to make sure they succeed as a manager, and do not blow up either themselves or their department.

The trusted advisor

The CEO or divisional head treads a lonely path. Behind closed doors, I give the person at the top time and attention; a place they can go to without fear. We can explore dilemmas, focus on issues, discuss radical ideas without frightening the horses, talk through uncertainties without worrying about the need to look good the whole time and we can work on overcoming destructive behaviour in complete confidence.  I am completely on their side, completely non-judgemental, completely trustworthy, as well as being a source of challenging questions if needs be.

Team dynamics

A team leader is struggling to handle conflict. Despite good performance in most areas, there seems to be discord in their team that is holding back performance. By appraising the team's behaviour, I help find a way for the team leader to build trust and mutual support.

Strength assessment

Identifying and understanding leadership potential

Who really has the drive, the values, the beliefs to succeed? How will they behave under stress, or when they think no one is watching. What impact will they have on other people in their team, or on clients or suppliers?

Impact management

She's great at her job, her team likes working for her, her technical knowledge is outstanding. But somehow she is not getting the internal or external recognition. She's missing out on promotions, and her profile with clients is thinner than it should be. I will work with her to identify what it is that is holding her back - shyness?, a lack of confidence?, a fear of being found out?, a lack of awareness? - and then we will come up with plans and strategies to work through it and start to improve performance.

Career crossroads

Is it time to make a change? I can help you work through your options, come up with low risk strategies to test them, and help guide you through the dilemma.

360 feedback

So a 360 exercise has been done, but what do you do with the feedback? I help work through the lessons, build on strengths, identify growth opportunities and come up with a development plan.