“...deliberate and thoughtful ...very professional ...good at corralling people and getting them to function well together ...influences through gravitas and experience ...very difficult to fluster ...sound judgement ...gives people confidence ...creates a hard-working yet friendly environment ...very approachable ...diplomatic ....unassuming, but gets things done ...the glue in the senior team ...excellent at coaching and mentoring ...gives time to people and truly listens ...people respect him and the way he has managed them ...very good at dealing with complex personal interactions ...very steady and fair ...very polished ...a senior guy ...he’s a good listener, and a good sounding board ...he can be trusted.” (Source: anonymous feedback from peers, managers, and direct reports)

"Guy is a natural coach. He has helped me considerably in understanding how I can improve and better enjoy my work. In particular he helped me understand some of my reactions to and perceptions about parts of my job, leading me to observations and conclusions on the cause and impact of these. He then helped me to find some practical ways of managing these reactions which I am already finding powerful. I have no doubt that adopting these new strategies will considerably improve the effectiveness of what do and my enjoyment of it." (Source: Senior Director, Global Management Consultancy Firm, UK)

"The best part of the session was that it has helped widened my perspective and see things differently. Also, I was able to learn some tactics to improve my performance." (Source: Director, Global Investment Bank, Hong Kong)

"Guy is a very easy person to talk to and open up to. He has a warm personality but manages to retain a professional approach. He is good at summarising whatever one may have said in a clear manner and reflects this back correctly. He checks progress along the way. His summaries at the end of each session are good and I liked the way he set homework.

Guy's great strength is his ability to listen. I really enjoyed my sessions with Guy. He was challenging when required but his light touch meant that the sessions were fun and incredibly useful. I could not have made the decisions I have made without Guy and the techniques he used at times were almost miraculous! Thank you very much Guy! " (Source: Trustee, Charity, UK)

"Guy is very friendly and a very good listener. We set clear objectives with a time-line and followed-up the developments. His very long experience in the sector gives high confidence on credibility of his advice. I would strongly recommend him to someone who is looking for support." (Source: Senior Investment Analyst, Global Investment Bank, Istanbul) 

"I found the sessions with Guy very helpful. I was initially anxious about meeting Guy to talk things through but he is a very good listener and put me at ease very quickly. Subsequent, face to face sessions were therefore much easier. Guy is very skilled at reflecting back and paraphrasing what I had said and helped me to think about my situation in different ways. His ideas were very supportive and having regular contact wih him in person and through texts really helped me focus on and complete the tasks that we had discussed. He was also very helpful reinforcing the goals we had set at each session and encouraged me to see how things had moved on." (Source: Program Manager, Charity, UK)

"I found it incredibly useful to go through the process of thinking and talking through issues in the workplace that are faced daily but not often discussed and then to put some structure and strategy around dealing with them." (Source: Business Manager, Global Investment Bank, UK)

"Guy achieves both reassurance and challenge, where even his challenges lead to personal growth and a healthier self-confidence. Patient, non-judgmental listening, anchoring the ability to focus on the most fundamental problem at hand." (Source: Barrister (QC), UK)

Guy listens in a wonderfully penetrating yet supporting way so that as you speak you hear your own responses, and learn to navigate them with confidence. All sessions were manageable, stretching and stimulating, and never rushed, and we always took very positive steps forwards. In truth I think Guy is a natural at this; his combination of experience, openness and warmth make him a very enabling and positive person to discuss things with...these great qualities engender real trust and a sense of security when one is in a vulnerable place. (Source: Film producer / Director, UK)

"Thank you, Guy, for your time and listening to me as I really feel that your sessions are very useful and helping me a lot! I can only say that both sessions were very useful for me and I am applying the techniques (which Guy highlighted to me) not only at work place but also outside the work." (Source: Senior Investment Analyst, Global Investment Bank, Moscow)